God, (Father – Son – Spirit) have been seeking to be in relationship with their creation (mankind) since the moment of our creation.  We are the most unique of all Gods creation because we were created uniquely, to exercise free will.  God desires that we “choose,” to be in relationship with him, through our independent, free will choice.  He has given us absolute freedom to decide weather or not we will choose for relationship or not.
It is often said, “God draws close to us, as we draw close to him”.  This could not be further from truth.  God is 100%, fully and completely present within his entire creation, always.  He is with you always.  So, since he is 100% for you, there is no “drawing close” required.  You have to decide how much of the 100% you want to have and then grow your relationship with God to whatever percentage you choose.
Our perceptions of who God is, and what he is, and where he is, and why we should believe in him were created throughout our lives, and formed by our churches, our parents, society and a host of other reasons.  Most of us have a very incorrect perception of who God is. 
God lives in perfect relationship, perfect harmony, within God.  They are three totally distinct personages, which are uniquely one.  That perfect relationship is what God desires that his children, his creation, know, and choose to participate in.  
I will begin by telling you who and what God is not, and then we will spend our time until death, seeking to know whom God IS.   Our “Journey to Relationship” is what God desires, nothing more and nothing less.  God is not, wrathful, angry, and hateful, he does not abandon, God loves perfectly, every aspect of his creation.  God is not responsible for anything, absolutely NOTHING that is not good.  He is only good, he can only be good, and therefore anything that you perceive as not good, is not from God.
It may not be easy to accept what I am saying.  I do however, believe with absolute conviction, that since you are here, right now, you are being presented an invitation by the Spirit of God to enter into relationship.  The free will choice is yours alone.  The invitation is presented.
Will you RSVP:  Yes or No?