Know Him Make Him Known




Know Him Make Him Known: Five words (paraphrased) that reflect the grand paintbrush stroke that summarizes Godís desire for his creation.  God does not require volumes of books to tell the world about His desires. The information presented is brief, and specifically pointed; it reflects God's heart towards us and His desire for Relationship.  These words represent a request from God to enter into divine relationship. 

God demands nothing of you, He seeks only to have a personal relationship with you, and he pursues you in perfect love by the power of his Spirit; do you feel his presence now?  Pause and reflect on the question.  Be still for a moment, do you feel his presence?  I must believe that you are feeling His presence simply because you are here, right now, and it is not by coincidence. 

Our decision to seek relationship with God begins with a free will choice to accept the offer.  Consider it an invitation with which you decide if you will RSVP yes, or no.  If you know Christ, what percentage of your life is lived in relationship with him?  What part of your life is a reflection of God?  God, contrary to Christian teaching, does not draw close to you as you draw close to him; on the contrary God is fully 100% close, right now.  So, the drawing close is your responsibility, if you make that choice.  If you donít believe in God, or you believe that God might exist but is just too big to comprehend, or if you're open to hear and learn about the God that wants you to know Him, personally, then give Him an opportunity to tell you who He truly is.  And the ďtruly isĒ is not, for the most part, the church you see today, nor is it, to some degree, even the people who call themselves ďChristian.Ē  

My name is Stephen; I am a pastor, by calling, not seminary or formal bible education. I am quite simply responding to Godís request. He has educated me over the years, and He wants me to teach, what He has taught. I have been arguing with Him for some time now; I find myself convicted to reach out in faith to respond to His will for my life.


I donít think there are many people who understand Godís purpose for our lives; and it is worthy of restating, that it is to be in relationship with Him. It really is about Jesus. He taught us everything we need, to live our lives, through all circumstances, through His Word. Allow me to teach you truths of who He is, and how to live in His purpose. God simply wants to show you the depths of His love for you, and He wants to be loved.

It is my request that you simply ask God to speak to you, through your heart, and that you be open to His invitation to know Him. He will reply!

God loves you totally, perfectly, and 100%, right now.  He is fully and totally in love with you.  He always allows you to do as you choose.  He desires that you choose for him so that he can show you how to live an abundant, full, complete life, with Him.  The eyes of the world are upon Christianity and there is indictment against the church. 

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, they are so
unlike your Christ.”

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